Bonny’s Kitchen

we have been eating at plaza damas at sri hartamas almost every other week lately as we have a job site that’s nearby. one of our suppliers recommended Bonny’s Kitchen (香港私房菜), an eatery specialising in dishes from Hong Kong, hence we decided to try it out.

bkpork.jpg bkwhitebait.jpg
Stewed Knuckle with Lotus Root & Bean Curd Paste (南乳连藕纹猪手), Deep Fried Whitebait Fish with Salt & Pepper (椒盐百饭鱼)
i normally prefer my pork knuckles either deep fried to a crisp or stewed till it literally melts in one’s mouth. this one had quite a bite to it, which sat well with the rest of my eating companions but not me. the whitebait fish is one of my aunt’s favourite and was well seasoned.

bkegg.jpg bkpea.jpg
Fried Egg White (蛋螃蟹), Fried Pea Sprouts (炒豆苗)
The fried egg white is cooked the shanghai way, with crab meat and vinegar, which gives it a very distinctive taste. It came served with a raw egg yolk which will cook once mixed well the piping hot egg whites. the pea sprouts just tasted like how they’re supposed to be.

bksoup.jpg bkchic.jpg
Fish Soup with Parsley & Preserved Egg (芫荽皮蛋生鱼汤), Chicken with Ginger Paste (沙姜风味鸡)
I was quite surprised with how much I like the soup, as I am not a huge fan of parsley. well, i didn’t eat the parsley either, but the milky soup grows on you as you continue sipping. funny how well fish goes with preserved century egg. hmm. the chicken was firm to bite but a bit on the salty side.

Overall, the food here is consistently tasty, although the pricing is a little on the high side considering the portions served. Service was quite prompt.

Bonny’s Kitchen
Lot J-0-1, Mayfair Service Apartment,
No.60, Jalan Sri Hartamas,
Sri Hartamas,
50480 K.Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62014652

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  1. Was thinking of trying it one day – the whitebait and fried egg white looks good. If you’re still around that area, try Wok Hei inside the Hartamas Shopping Centre next to Ah Yip Herbal Soup. Tai Chow food minus the pork but still tasty and relatively cheap for the Hartamas area. It’s always packed with people but the food comes quite fast.

    epicuriousgirl says:thanks for visiting and for the recommendation. will definitely try it the next time i’m there. 🙂

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