Ong Lai


my aunt’s been raving about this place for a few weeks now, claiming that the “Fish Head Meehoon”(鱼头米粉) is one of the tastiest. and after visiting an ongoing furniture fair in pwtc, we were in time for dinner downtown, hence the decision to go to Ong Lai, a restaurant that’s rather obscure (imho) in location. In fact, we found the place only after a few rounds. despite the humble (read shoddy) appearance of this restaurant with its outdoor kitchen and sprawling tables (we only saw the air-conditioned area later), we were given quite the red carpet welcome with staff rushing to direct us to the parking, and coming with umbrellas to shade us from the rain.

as we stepped into the air-conditioned part of the restaurant, i was slightly surprised to see it jam-packed as the tables outside were all empty. even if there were canvas sheets acting as makeshift roofs over the tables, the rain was rather heavy, causing some of the rainwater to seep through, explaining everyone’s choice to sit inside instead. we had to order the highly recommended “Fish Head Meehoon”, along with some other recommended dishes such as the Or Chien (Oyster Omelette/蠔煎), Honey Spare Ribs (蜜汁排骨) and Sitr-Fried Sweet Potato Sprouts (清炒蕃薯苗).


The spare ribs came first and was wonderfully juicy and tender. It was easily my favourite dish of the night. The oyster omelette was served next, with its own chilli dip. I didn’t really like the dip as much, but the omelette itself is worthy of its fame. The oysters are bigger than the ones usually used in making this, and the egg batter had a little something seasoned in it to give it the extra oomph. the omelette’s texture was just nice too, and served on a banana leaf, which was a nice touch.

and now, the dish we came for – the “Fish Head Meehoon”. The portion was way too big for the three of us so I think one should always ask about the portions when ordering. “Laai Fan” (瀨粉, a semi transparent noodle made from sticky rice) was used instead of the normal rice vermicelli. The soup was the typical milky colour (due to the use of evaporated milk in the soup base), and pieces of deep-fried fish head, spring onions/scallions, ginger and some chinese choy sum (香港菜心) were floating in the soup. at first glance, i must admit i wasn’t very impressed. nor was i converted upon the first sip. however, the alluring bit about this dish is that, the more you drink the soup, the more the taste (a hearty, warm, comforting mixture of milk & ginger) grows on you. and i find myself refilling my bowl!

dinner here can be a pricey affair, hence it’s always advisable to ask for the prices whilst ordering. our dinner came up to RM60.00 for the dishes, which is a bit on the high side. but that is justifiable with the quality of the food.

Ong Lai (Goh Kee ) Restaurant 旺来(吴记)饭档
60A, Jalan Raja Laut,
50500 Kuala Lumpur.

(alley between Bee Seng Hotel & Wilayah Hotel, at Lorong Tiong Nam 3)

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  1. Nice blog you have. I have not tried their fish head meehoon but ate their steamed fish instead. Love their huge oysters though.

  2. kruder said

    Do you know what’s a good and reasonably comfortable hotel for one to stay in KL? Thought of heading up over the weekend.

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