lian yee cold drinks centre, miri

was in miri, sarawak for a week for the chinese new year celebrations and on my last day, managed to catch up with an old friend over shaved ice desserts and some accompanying dishes.

when we were both in high school, some 7 years ago, our favourite place to have these cold drinks was at “Lian Yee Cold Drinks Centre” at Krokop 5, Miri. The place was packed when we arrived around 3p.m. Teatime, i suppose, or everyone just wants to cool down with a refreshing cold drink.

Miri Special Having not visited in years, I didn’t really know what to order anymore so I decided to choose the “Special”, my favourite then. It’s basically a shaved ice dessert with coloured sago, jellies, canned fruit (pineapple, longan & lychee) topped with evaporated milk & rose syrup. Despite the enticing sound of the ingredients, the taste was disappointing. Quality has dropped drastically since I last had anything here. The dessert was too watered down and bland, and even the shaved ice was not fine enough. My friend had something similar to cendol which had coloured sago & jelly in it. Not sure what it’s called but it tasted weird to me. The coconut milk used doesn’t taste like the fresh type, which contributed to the weird taste. Both bowls of cold drinks cost RM2 each.

Sotong Kangkung Fried Platter

Apart from serving cold drinks, Lian Yee also serves accompanying dishes such as fruit rojak, sotong kangkung (鱿鱼蕹菜) and fried fritters platter(炸虾饼). We opted not to have the rojak and ordered the other two instead. The sotong kangkung is basically blanched water spinach/convolvulus with cuttlefish, served with sauce & ground peanuts. i thought this was quite good, with quite a generous serving of cuttlefish. The fried fritter platter of fried goodies such as prawn fritters, yam/taro fritters, sweet potato fritters etc were topped with a gooey sauce and peanuts. The plus point was that everything was freshly fried and hot, but the ratio of yam/taro & sweet potato fritters to that of prawn fritters was probably 10:1, so i thought that the cost of RM7 for the portion was not worth it.

frankly, the experience of eating here was disappointing as the quality has declined greatly over the years but thankfully, the company made up for it.


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