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still stuffed from the birthday lunch, we decided to go around bangsar village before settling down at DELIcious, by Ms. Read for dinner. it was a good choice as the interior was inviting and i love the use of baby blues and whites which gave it a very clean and spacious feel. we opted to sit outside as it was a cool, breezy evening. the table we chose had benches with throw pillows on one side and single chairs on the other. my companions visibly relaxed as they allowed themselves to sink into the softness of the pillows.


only i ordered something apart from water as i was intrigued with the drink’s name – lemonade from the front yard. but it was just a few wedges of lemon served with carbonated water and some sugar syrup. we ordered the wild mushroom soup and garlic bread to share, along with two salads.

Caesar Salad The Caesar Salad was recommended by the waitress and I liked the sound of the Roasted Duck and Pomelo Salad and that was how we got round to ordering those two. One could opt to add smoked salmon and chicken (i think) to the Caesar Salad but we took the original version with no additions. It came with generous servings of romaine lettuce leaves, bacon crackers, croutons, shaved cheese, a poached egg & anchovies. I think this was a crowd favourite as the two couples at the table beside us also ordered two plates, topped with smoked salmon, to share amongst themselves. it was rather interesting watching them as one of the couples were european and the other chinese. i think they amused themselves watching us 4 girls too as we were enjoying our food and the company.

Roasted Duck & Pomelo Salad As for the Roasted Duck & Pomelo salad, it had a thai flair to it as the dressing used was tangy in nature. Crushed peanuts, chilli bits, onion, chinese parsley/coriander were added to the roasted duck and pomelo bits. On the side, fresh iceberg lettuce quarters and zucchini slices were also served together. I loved the thai kick to the salad, and felt that eating it with the lettuce/zucchini acted as a refresher to the whole taste. my only grouse was perhaps the abundance of chinese parsley leaves in them, which left a strong aftertaste even though i had separated them. i’m just not a huge fan of coriander.

Birthday Pavlova. But the icing on the cake (pardon the pun), was perhaps the dessert, which was in a way my replacement birthday cake. I chose the pavlova thinking it was going to be topped with an assortment of berries, based on its name – Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova but all i see were strawberries. Still it made the 4 of us very happy. The effect of sugar in the meringue, perhaps? Hehe. Nevertheless, I thought that the taste of the strawberries, whipped cream & meringue blended very well together.

Good food and cosy ambience aside, it was a wonderful outing as we took our time catching up and exchanging news. Great way to end the birthday. 🙂

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  1. tim said

    good choice indeed 🙂

  2. KY said

    waa dessert looks pweety

  3. N'Drew said

    Hi jamine,

    Always good to read you blog. Glad you’re back. 🙂

  4. N'Drew said

    argh .. argh … typo.

    Sorry, I just got up. XD

  5. chiefeater said

    the other thing to try there are their brownies. love the pictures that you took here.

  6. pathetic customer service, to start of the lady at the reception who was incharge of guest to be seated had a look as if she had been perpetually attending funeral services.
    we were informed that we had to pay rm25 for a small cake we brought in to cut for my one year old nephew, even though we had ordered drinks etc, so we paid for what we had and moved to coffee bean and asked the assistant manager if she would oblige a little boy’s cake cutting ceremony with a cake we had bought, they were happy to oblige. that is what is called excellent customer service
    DELICIOUS customer service SUCKS TO THE CORE!!!!!

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