birthday lunch

i turned a quarter of a century yesterday and boy, did i pig out. my boss bought me lunch whilst my colleagues bought me dinner. and to think i have a few more upcoming birthday treats this week. how to lose weight before chinese new year lah?

lunch was at pizza uno and we ordered way too much for the 5 of us. i guess my boss just didn’t want us to be hungry, lol. to start off, she ordered the “Calamares Fritos” (Fried Calamari rings served with tartare sauce) and Homemade grilled bread with Baba Ghanouj (eggplant & tahini spread) & Hummus (Chickpeas) Dip. My colleagues and I were more taken with the list of tapas available and chose the Fried Cheese Balls and “Lamb Prochette” (grilled lamb skewers).

pizza uno

The bread with the mediterranean dips came first. it’s been a while since i have had any hummus and i thoroughly enjoyed having the warm bread with the dips. The fried cheese balls came next, served with a fresh tomato & basil paste. One bite and you’re having fun stretching the gooey cheese. It tastes best with the tomato dip as the tomatoes somehow bring out the cheesey taste. think pizza. mmhmmm… the grilled lamb was served with onions & peppers with a mint mayo sauce. i love the mint sauce, even dipped my calamari rings into them instead of into the tartare sauce.

pizza uno

For some reason, my boss insisted on ordering a “Napoli” pizza (anchovies & olives) to share, on top of the main course we have ordered. I reminded her that it would be too much food considering the other girls eat very little but she developed a craving for it as soon as she saw it listed on the menu. She and another colleague had chosen the “Fish Steak” (Perch with a sweet lemon, mushroom & onion sauce, served with potato quarters) earlier. The other two girls opted for pasta – Marinara Spaghetti & Aglia Olio Spirulli. As soon as I saw “Baked Whole Lamb Shank” (served with brocolli, potatoes & carrots, topped with sauce) on the menu, I didn’t look any further. The lamb was heavenly. Tender and juicy, even my boss kept nicking bits of my plate.

it was no wonder we couldn’t move after our heavy lunch. no one even dared think of dessert even if my boss did ask me if i wanted cake. i went for an affogato instead. it was refreshingly smooth & bittersweet.

on our way out, saw the dessert display stand with various sweets such as lemon panna cotta, tiramisu etc. i’m definitely going to try something the next time i return.

Pizza Uno
4, Jalan USJ 10/1B (Taipan Triangle),
47620 Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-5635-0205



  1. chiefeater said

    how was their pizza? my last two trips to their outlet at centre point and even the taipan outlet was not good at all. are you saying I should give this place a try again?

  2. […] tomatoes. i particularly enjoyed the dips as i haven’t had any for quite a while, since my birthday i believe. the spring rolls were still warm to bite but the thai fish cakes were a little cold by […]

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