yang kee’s

yang kee

i normally like my beef noodles in a hearty beef broth so that’s how i ordered it the first time i was brought to yang kee’s, whilst everyone ordered the dry version. and after having tried the dry tossed noodles, i have never ordered the soupy version again. the noodles, of the wantan noodles variety is served with lots of minced meat, cooked in a dark & flavourful gravy and some leafy vegetable. the soup with the beef is served on the side. normally you get a mixture of beef balls, thin beef slices, tripe etc in the clear soup. however you can specify if you only want beef balls (or even pork meat balls) or beef slices only.

sometimes we like to order the braised beef with radish (蘿白腩) which is tender & juicy. i love the cuts of beef used here, with the bits of tendon. yang kee’s also has a substantial selection of “yong tau foo“, or stuffed vegetables/tofu.

restoran yang kee 营記大埔面家
52, jalan hujan rahmat 2,
taman oug, jalan kelang lama,
58200 kuala lumpur.


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  1. chiefeater said

    i was headed there on friday but what do you know – they were closed. so i never got to try it out

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