beef noodles.

after the last post, i feel inclined to post more on beef noodles. lol. actually, just some photos of the other types of beef noodles i normally have.

Vietnamese Beef Noodles

Vietnamese Beef Noodles from Ming Tien Food Court in Taman Megah. I opted for “ho fun” (河粉, wide, flat rice noodles) with the braised beef brisket in a tomato based gravy. The stew was cooked with carrots and onions, which added to the “sweetness”. The basil & mint leaves gave a distinctive kick to the entire dish. Overall, it was a very robust meal. Will definitely go back for more.

tangkak beef noodles

and now, this is the usual type of beef noodles that i’ll have – dark coloured broth, with generous servings of beef parts. this particular bowl was eaten in Malacca. Voted one of the top 5s in Malaysia, the Tangkak Beef Noodles can be found at this branch opposite Senyum Departmental Store in Melaka Raya. The broth is stronger than most versions i have tasted but is oh so good. 🙂 The accompanying chilli dip is great with the beef.

definitely worth a try the next time you’re in malacca.

restoran sup lembu tangkak
37, Jalan Merdeka,
Tmn Melaka Raya, Melaka.


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