izakaya tamako たまこ

Izakaya Tamako
monday’s lunch was quite a homey affair as we found ourselves in a highly recommended non-halal japanese eatery in plaza damas. the introducer sang high praises of the establishment, saying that the food was akin to the homecooked food in a japanese’s kitchen. the fairly small place was empty save for one table when we got there as the lunch crowd had already left. handwritten bit of papers annouced what was available, but mostly in japanese which re-assured me of the authenticity of the food somehow. as if only the japanese eat here, lol. someone also mentioned that the selection of sake here is plentiful but we didn’t check.

izakaya tamako lunch

as we rarely get to order pork in a japanese restaurant, we ordered mostly pork here such as tonkotsu (pork belly in miso), kakuni (stewed pork), katsudon (fried pork cutlet rice) etc. the stewed pork and pork belly were tender to bite and had fully imbibed the flavour of the sauces used. my katsudon was a little soggy but the sweetness of the onions went very well with the pork and egg. enjoyed every bit of my rice, esp. with a generous dash of sichimi (chili powder).

iazakaya tamako lunch also ordered agadeshi tofu (deep fried tofu in a soya based sauce) and wagyu tan (grilled beef tongue). the tofu was cold & smooth despite having been deep fried. the tempura batter was light & quickly softened after being immersed in the dipping sauce. the ox tongue was well done, and was a little chewier than i expected. but it still tasted extremely hearty and didn’t have that coarse texture on would expect of tongue.

izakaya tamako
Plaza Damas,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, K.Lumpur.


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