seafood sunday.

paid a visit to my aunt’s hairstylist off jalan kuching today for an afternoon’s session of pampering, i.e. hair treatments etc. he recommended the corner lot seafood restaurant on the very same row as his hair saloon for our dinner. the restaurant was already buzzing with people by the time we made our way there and we were ushered to one of the few remaining empty tables. from where we sat, we could see fish tanks filled with live, fresh seafood in a distance. a good sign, as freshness is guaranteed.

Teck Wah Seafood Restaurant

aunt ordered the dishes, and i just fiddled around with the new compact she bought. first up was the fresh oysters steamed with ginger. even though the oysters were huge and very fresh, i thought the style of cooking didn’t do it much justice as the ginger’s taste was too overwhelming. i would have preferred to just eat it fresh. lucky we only ordered one oyster per person. (3 for RM 21)

she also ordered the restaurant’s specialty, cheese crabs. the minimum order was 2 crabs, which was just nice for the trio of us. the cheese sauce was thick in consistency & flavour, but tasted cloying after a little too much. i noticed that the colour of the sauce was also closer to a mustard yellow, and tasted a little powdery, which may mean that curry powder was added. aunt thought she should have just stuck to kam heong crabs (spicy & aromatic with curry leaves) while I wished we had ham dan crabs (salted egg crabs). i guess we just weren’t too excited about cheese crabs but ordered it simply because it was touted as the specialty. also had some stir fried “sweet potato sprouts” (番薯苗) with garlic which was much needed to clean our palate.

despite not having our taste buds tantalised much with the style of cooking here, i still think we will return for more whenever we’re in the area. afterall the seafood is very fresh and we can just order the seafood to be cooked in our respective favourite styles.

Teck Wah Seafood Restaurant
31 & 33, Jalan A,
Taman Batu,
Off Jalan Kuching,
52000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel : 03-6251 4629/6252 3260


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