eating as in UK

i have reverted back to my UK-uni days eating habits on a current, lazy streak. and that’s a lot of sandwiches, pasta, fried rice & ryvita crispbreads.

eating as in UK

i prefer savoury toppings to sweet ones, hence my choice of sandwich fillings & crispbread toppings often revolves around egg mayo, button & enoki mushrooms or bacon. a sprinkle of freshly ground pepper for that extra oomph and i’m a happy girl. lol.

true italians will most probably turn their noses up at my pasta dishes. due to being served spaghetti bolognese a little too often during my college years, i have quite an aversion to the tomato based pasta dish, preferring either the creamy types or just the plain, tossed types. i bought mostly fresh fettucine when i was in the UK but lately i have taken a fancy to capelli d’angelo (angel hair) as it cooks in only 2 minutes. then i just toss it with either sauteed broccoli or mushrooms and add some oregano or mixed herbs and i am done. simplicity for convenience.

i rarely cooked rice even when i was in UK. i didn’t own a rice cooker to begin with, and on the rare occasions that i had a craving for rice, i would cook some in the microwave and make yang chow fried rice. using peas, corn, shrimps / crab meat, i’ll fry the cold rice and garnish it with lots of spring onions / scallions.

so, what did you used to eat during your uni days?


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