a little dim sum place

it’s been a while since I last ate at A Little Dim Sum Place ((甜心点心) since it moved to SS2 from Desa Sri Hartamas. Dropped by the new outlet for some nibbles on a lazy afternoon one weekend and was pleasantly surprised to see the cozy, new look. they have revamped their menu as well, and i chose to try one of the new dishes, the Teriyaki Mushroom Wrap (贵妃卷), a delicious bundle of prawn & enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon and doused with teriyaki sauce. it was sinfully delicious, an explosion of flavours in a bite.

Teriyaki Mushroom Wrap 贵妃卷 Inner Wrap

Also had these, which was tasty enough.
little dim sum
1. Spinach Dumpling (芫菜野饺). A dumpling with juicy prawns and spinach leaves wrapped in a translucent dumpling skin.
2. Deep fried prawn with mayonnaise (沙拉虾).
3. Imperial Broth (上海滚汤包). The entire thing is a big xiao long bao, or soup dumpling, and is drowning in its own rich soup. open the dumpling and in it you’ll see a dried scallop, fish slices, chicken slices, enoki mushrooms, carrots etc.

this place is worth visiting as it serves only dim sum the entire day. they also have quite a few unique variations to the normal types, which is quite pleasing to the palate. below are some other things i tried whilst they were still located in desa sri hartamas.

little dim sum
from left to right:
1. szechuan surprise (四川烧卖), steamed pork dumplings with a hint of spicyness.
2. king siew mai (鮮蝦烧卖), steamed pork dumplings, topped with a whole prawn.
3. bacon & fishcake roll (煙肉卷), with a dab of mayonnaise for the fusion taste.
4. lily scallop roll (百合卷), french beans, mushrooms, bell peppers, lily bulb(百合) and fresh scallops (瑤柱) in light, crispy fu pei (腐皮 / bean curd sheets).
5. phoenix dumplings. (凤凰饺子)
6. wu kok (竽角), meat filling in a light, flaky yam puff pastry.

A Little Dim Sum Place
12, Jalan SS 2/63
47300 Petaling Jaya

review at waisikkai.com

and here’s some of my favourites in UK which I wish they would serve… and just to tempt you a little more. lol.

uk dim sum
from left to right:
1. vietnamese spring rolls(越南春卷) with a sweet chilli dip.
2. salad har(炸蝦餃) which are prawn fritters with mayonnaise and ham sui kok(鹹水角), a minced-pork stuffed pastry which is sufficiently chewy and has a blend of sweet, savoury flavour.
3. zha leung(炸兩), which is basically chee cheong fun (肠粉/thin rice rolls) stuffed with yau char kway (炸油条/fried dough fritters or chinese crullers) topped with sesame seeds.



  1. Pasankia said

    wow wow wow.. I can’t stop drooling! I missed that Zha Leung, I still don’t see anyone selling here.

  2. Bito Ng said


    Star Papers just reviewed her (A Little Dim Sum Place) on 17 April 2007 , can view the review at this website

    Look at her Mango Tong Yuen!!! It was marvelous ! I tried it on that day Star paper review, it is great and yummy!!! Make a trip there!

    And don’t forget to try this Ramen with Har Kao, you will want to re-visit her real soon !!!

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  6. su said

    Hi, can you tell me where A Little Dim Sum Place in SS2 has moved to? I went there looking for it last week but it’s gone. I get my dim sum fix there every time I come back to Malaysia. Please help ;-(

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