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My old blog dies tomorrow. And I as started shifting through the archives, thought I’ll import some of food entries here manually.

1. Aussie Chocs8th July 2006

aussie chocs

most malaysians tend to get chocolates as gifts for friends & relatives when they travel overseas due to it being universally loved (apart from being cheap, and a no-brainer) and i am no different. i myself am no big lover of chocolate, even if i succumb to the temptations of dark/bittersweet chocolate occasionally. oh, and chocolate with coconut filling etc. but despite not being mad about chocolate itself, i am quite partial to stuff made with chocolate such as chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice-cream etc. but i digress.

so i bought some chocolates that i knew would be well-received here and lugged it back. distributed most of the fun size caramello koalas together with the bounty bars with either a kit kat temptations (in 3 flavours – coconut eclair, hazelnut praline & caramel praline) or a share of the M&Ms (Mix ups & Crispy Mint) to the friends i see on a weekly basis. regular tim tams were shared with family & neighbours. i couldn’t resist getting the classic dark chocolate tim tams for myself as they’ll be brilliant with milk for the tim tam slam. mhmm…

as i have not tried everything, i can’t really do a review of all the chocs i brought back. however, was able to share the crispy mint M&Ms with some friends and they were surprisingly tasty.

Crispy Mint M&Ms Green M&Ms

the familiar M&M mascot has been given a little modification here, and a miss green is used instead of the usual red, yellow, blue & crispy. the M&Ms themselves comes in three colours, a darker & lighter shade of green, and white. but what i love about it is that the mint flavour is subtle enough, considering the many mint flavoured chocolate products out there that has the mint overpowering the chocolate. too bad they’re all gone now. devoured between 6 of us. lol.

2. Foo Chow Noodles14th july 2006

i don’t profess to be a good cook, but i do enjoy cooking for people. the reward lies in the satisfaction of seeing them dig in the food. but lately i can’t seem to find time to cook for myself even, let alone for other people. out of the blue during lunchtime yesterday my aunt called me and told me she had invited some guests over in the evening and she had planned to cook them my dad’s specialty, foochow mee sua in chicken soup with red rice wine (福州鸡酒面线). the catch lies in the fact that she has never attempted it before. i was supposed to come home early from work to “help” even though I have never cooked it either. but when i got back, the house was empty and my aunt called me and said i should cook it and they look forward to a hot meal when they get back. *gulps*

lucky for me, i spent many moments in the kitchen with my dad while he cooked this so i managed to cope. and this is how it turned out.

Mee Sua 面线

like my aunt said, not too bad for a first timer. the red tinge of the soup is due to the red rice wine. nothing sinister to it, lol.

and if you’re interested, here’s a very brief recipe.

1. chicken 鸡肉块- chopped up and marinated in some ginger juice & red rice wine
2. dried black chinese mushrooms 香菇 – soaked to soften
3. ginger root 薑片 – cleaned and sliced
4. garlic cloves 蒜头
5. red rice wine 红米酒 (mostly home made using glutinuous rice) and salt 盐
6. dried, thin salted noodles/vermicelli,面线 – boiled quickly before placing in bowl and drowned in soup.

for the soup, boil water in a stock pot. meanwhile, heat up a wok and when it’s hot enough, put in the garlic & ginger slices together with the marinated chicken chunks. stir fry quickly until fragrant and until chicken’s half cooked and proceed to pour everything into the boiling water. add mushrooms, rice wine & salt to taste and simmer. voila.


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