under the sky.

Note: This place is no longer in operation.

Hong Kong style coffeeshops (香港茶餐厅) have been popping up everywhere since Kimgary’s success. Joining the crowd is Sky Cafe, a newly established eatery in SS2. It has a “lower sky” and “upper sky” section which is housed on the ground floor & first floor respectively. The “Upper Sky” section offers free wi-fi, use of board games etc and can be booked for one’s private party. Intrigued by a recent writeup in The Star about this place, a friend and I decided to pop by for a late lunch to try the “Stone Bowl Rice” which is not very different from the Koreans’ Doisot Bibimbap, where the rice is served in a hot stone bowl.

Not only did the menu have pictures to illustrate the dish, but some had a little crown beside it to promote it as the cafe’s specialty, which helped us decide what to order. For starters, we ordered the “Golden Mushroom” which is basically enoki mushrooms dipped in batter and deep fried and “Cheese Prawns”. The mushrooms was crispy despite being a tad heavy on the salt. The prawns were quite disappointing though as the prawns were not fresh enough. I must admit I had quite high hopes for this as I love prawns & cheese and the menu boasted it as one of their specialties! Both dishes were priced at RM6.80 each.
Golden Mushroom Cheese Prawns.

Instead of opting for the signature HK Milk Tea most eateries like this offer, I chose the “Sky Paradise” which is a blend of avocado, honey & milk. Not a huge fan of honey, I asked for it to be taken out. I’m not sure if the honey was the oomph factor for this drink, because without it, the drink was bland and tasteless. My guess is that the avocado they used is not ripe enough as I have had plenty of avocado drinks and none tasted as bad as this. Remembering from my experience in Bali how wonderful chocolate sauce tastes with avocado juice, I asked for some to be added. Even so, the damage remained as they skimped on the chocolate. Sigh.

Spare Ribs Stone Rice We both ordered the rice in the stone bowls with my choice being the “Stone Bowl Spare Ribs Rice” (@RM11.80) and her, “Stone Bowl Teriyaki Chicken Rice” (@ RM9.90). My rice came first, with the spare ribs deep fried and served in a creamy sauce with green bird’s eye chillies and curry leaves, accompanied by a stem of kailan (chinese broccoli/kale 芥兰) and a fried egg in a preheated stone bowl. The only plus point was that my rice stayed hot for a long time. Lol. The sauce served over the spare ribs, which tasted milky wasn’t enough which caused the plain rice to taste really dry. And the fact that the stone bowl hardened the rice after a while didn’t help. The kailan too was affected, having turned yellow from the heat.

My friend had the same sentiments too, saying that more gravy would have been preferable as the rice was too dry overall. But still, it was a new experience for the both of us.

Sky Cafe is located at 47, Jalan SS2/64 Petaling Jaya.


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