blessed christmas

our family does not normally have turkey on christmas as we prefer to have it on thanksgiving instead. this “tradition” is very much attributed to the fact that the only cook for turkey in our family is my aunt, who spent her formative years in the united states.

Food & Wine however this year, she broke the norm and we had quite a feast on christmas eve. her usual stuffing is oriental in nature, glutinuous rice with mushrooms which is just delish after having imbibed all the bird’s juices while being roasted. she also used some of the turkey dripping to saute the greens with garlic. mashed potatoes with butter and cranberry sauce became the accompaniments. a family friend who came for dinner brought roasted beef, which looked rather promising.

My dinner as we gathered by the table, grace was said and my aunt carved the turkey. passed the plates of turkey around and i got such a huge chunk! but it was definitely one of the best bits as it has stuffing stuck under it which i enjoyed tremendously. i didn’t like the beef as much as it was a little on the dry side. but i guess that’s what happens when you get the sides. however, the company was good and laughter was aplenty.

i didn’t stay for dinner long as i had a gathering & gift exchanged with ex-colleagues to attend. they had tonnes of food too but all i managed were some agar-agar (jelly) as dessert. the crowd was fun-loving so we had quite a eventful gift-exchange with some outrageous dares thrown in, lol.

all in all, it was a merry, jolly christmas for me, with some surprising gifts and a blast with loved ones. here’s hoping the very same for new year’s.


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